Adrian Robert Ortega is a writer, director, editor and producer based in Melbourne, Victoria.

Adrian's debut documentary short “Bodycrash: A Look Into Melbourne’s Unique Club Scene” was uploaded on Vimeo and within 3 weeks achieved over 34,000 views and was featured in articles with both inthemix.com and Vice Magazine (Thump channel). 

His second documentary short “Modus Operandi: A Look Into Melbourne’s Urban Exploring Scene” follows on the discussion and exposure of local youth-subcultures, but those of which are involved in dangerous and unusual hobbies.

His third documentary short “They Call Me Spiderman” was screened in the Top 100 Short Films at The St. Kilda Film Festival in 2016.

Adrian is currently finishing his debut feature-length narrative titled "Cerulean Blue" which is due for release in 2019.

Adrian’s film influences include Stanley Kubrick, Harmony Korine, Larry Clarke, The Coen Brothers and Martin Scorsese.

He is passionate about telling stories and has worked in many fields within the film industry since graduating from Footscray City Films with a Diploma of Screen & Media in 2011.