Adrian Robert Ortega is a filmmaker based in Melbourne.

Currently freelancing as a director, Adrian's debut documentary “Bodycrash: A Look Into Melbourne’s Unique Club Scene” was placed on Vimeo and within 3 weeks achieved over 33,000 views and was featured in articles with both inthemix.com and Vice Magazine (Thump channel). 

He is now completing his second documentary film titled “Modus Operandi: A Look Into Melbourne’s Urban Exploring Scene” which follows on the discussion and exposure of local youth-subcultures.

Adrian’s influences include Quentin Tarantino, Stanley Kubrick, Harmony Korine, Larry Clarke and Martin Scorsese.

He is passionate about telling stories (whether fiction or non-fiction) about youth-culture, social movements, crime and other controversial topics. He has worked in many fields within the film industry since graduating from Footscray City Films with a Diploma of Screen & Media in 2011.